「The Storied Life of A.J.Fikry」 《岛上书店》摘抄

《岛上书店》是我很喜欢的一本书,之前在军训的日子里匆匆读过,前段时间倾囊购买了它的英文原版,爱不释手,读的时间不多,但当读到第一章结尾的时候,还是被 A.J.醉酒之中会想起亡妻,朦胧之中与若隐若现,曾经最爱的人的回忆所感动。一个人,因为一件事而彻底改变。

以下内容摘抄自Gabrielle Zevin所著“The Storied Life of A.J.Fikry”

Nic had begun to freeze by the time they had pulled her car out of the water, and in the morgue drawer her lips had been blue. The color had reminded A.J. of the black lipstick she’d worn to the book party she’d thrown for the latest vampire whatever. He hadn’t cared for the idea of silly teenage girls prancing about Island in prom dresses, but Nic, who had actually liked that damned vampire book and the woman who wrote it, insisted that a vampire prom was good for business and also fun. “You remember fun, right?”

“Dimly,” he had said. “Long ago, back before I was a bookseller, back when I had my weekends and my nights to myself, back when I read for pleasure. I recall that there was fun. So, dimly, dimly. Yes.”

“Let me refresh your memory. Fun is having a smart, pretty, easy wife with whom you get to spend every working day.”

He could still picture her in that ridiculous black satindress, her right arm draped around the porch column and her comely stained lips in a line.”Tragically, my wife has been turned into a vampire.”

“You poor man.” She crossed the porch and kissed him, leaving a lipstick trace like a bruise.”Your only move is to become a vampire, too. Don’t try to fight it. That’s the absolute worst thing you could do. You gotta be cool, nerd. Invite me in.”








PS:A vampire must be invited to get into others’ home.



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